Universal high-performance Data Mapper

Deet v0.1.11


Deet is a universal data mapper and SQL-Database engine, that implements high-performance and security requirements for large-scale data analysis applications. Deet is based on the Python programming language and actively developed as the database component of the Vivid Code framework.

Deet unifies various data sources into a common data interface
Deet unifies various data sources into a common data interface

The primary goal of Deet is to separate data integration and data analysis into independent tasks, by providing a universal data interface for machine learning- and data analysis applications. To achieve this goal, Deet implements the two fundamental layers of a data warehouse:

The integration layer of Deet utilizes SQLAlchemy to allow it's connection to a variety of SQL-Databases (e.g. IBM DB2, Oracle, SAP, MS-SQL, MS-Access, Firebird, Sybase, MySQL, Postgresql, SQLite, etc.). Thereupon it provides native support for flat file databases (e.g. CSV-Tables, R-Table exports), laboratory measurements and data generators.

The staging layer of Deet is implemented as a native SQL-Database engine, featuring a DB-API 2.0 interface with full SQL:2016 support, a vertical data storage manager and real-time encryption. This allows the data analysis application to integrate a variety of different data sources, by using a unified data interface (and SQL dialect).

According to our convictions Deet is Free Software. It is released under the GPL-3.0 and can be downloaded from GitHub.


Installation using PIP

$ pip install deet


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