Smart Algorithm Repository

Motley v0.0.1


Installation using PIP

$ pip install motley


Motley is a planed catalog server for algorithm storage and evaluation and based on GIT. Motley aims to serve as an algorithm catalog to allow the usage of abstract currently best fitting (CBF) algorithms, as required by the Cloud-Assisted Meta Programming (CAMP) paradigm.

Thereby Motley is required to host and deliver algorithms as well as to cyclically evaluate and index them with respect to their corresponding metrics, using Nemoa. An example for such a metric would be the average prediction accuracy within a fixed set of gold standard samples of the respective domain of application (e.g. latin handwriting samples, spoken word samples, TCGA gene expression data, etc.). Consequently Motley is also required to host or connect these samples by using Pandora.

Due to this approach motley allows the implementation of smart analytics projects, that are automatically kept up-to-date by a minimum of maintenance costs. Also motley supports scientific applications, by facilitating a local (workgroup, lab, institution) or global publication, application and evaluation of algorithms.


According to our convictions Motley is free and open-source software. It is released under the GPL-3.0 and can be downloaded from GitHub.