Multi-purpose Python Library

Hup v0.9.2


Hup is a multi-purpose Python library, which primarily aims to support our main projects by serving as a common base library. It was originally created in 2019 for the Vivid Code framework and it’s components. The majority of the provided modules, however, are kept generic to facilitate their application beyond our projects as well.

Generic Modules

Design Patterns, Attributes and Attribute Groups, Binary Object Functions, Callable Object Functions, Algorithms Organization, Type- and Value Checking, Environmental Integration, Literal Representation, Mapping Object Functions, Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Multi-purpose Parser, Phonetic Algorithms, PackageTree Information, CallStack Information, Structural Types, Extended Unit-Testing, Multi-Threading

IO Modules

IO Design Patterns, Extended CSV-File IO, Extended INI-File IO, Extended Plain-Text-File IO, Extended RAW-File IO, Extended ZIP-Archive IO,

According to our convictions Hup is free software and licensed under the terms and conditions of the GPL-3.0 . The source code is available on GitHub .


Installation using PIP

$ pip install hup


Source Code