About our Vision

The prospects about the AI-Revolution can be overwhelming - but although the tension is palpable, the accompanied challenges are as well!

From an individual perspective this concerns enterprises, scientific workgroups and government agencies, as it becomes increasingly demanding to keep pace with the accelerated development and to stay competitive. On a larger scale, the global concentration of data science expertise poses the challenge of counteracting new geo-political and economic dependency structures that imperil freedoms and sovereignty.

Our vision is a democratic and federated AI-Revolution, that does not lead to exclusion or incapacitation, but promotes public well-being, social justice and social cohesion.


About our Mission and our Projects

Communication and cooperation are the key factors for scientific and industrial progress. Thus we want to best possibly support collaborations in data science.

We started with identifying the foremost obstacles for collaborations in data science. These considerations led to the foundations of a pioneering software framework, that shapes our mission: The Vivid Code framework.

Collaboration between researchers (green) and developers (blue) using the Vivid Code framework
Collaboration between researchers (green) and developers (blue) using the Vivid Code framework

The Vivid Code framework is a software framework for machine learning and data analysis applications, that interconnects collaborative data science with automated machine learning. Thereby it strictly seperates data sources and algorithms from the program flow, which provides some significant advantages: The program flow and the algorithms can be developed and maintained by independent groups, e.i. by industrial developers and university research groups.

The key components of the Vivid Code framework are constituted by three subprojects, that implement the handling of data sources, algorithms and the program flow. These components are respectively given by Deet, Brea and Rian. At their code basis all components share a common library, given by Hup.

About Us

About us and our convictions

We are a young and enthusiastic team of developers and data scientists, that has been formed in mid-2018 in Heidelberg, Germany. Some of our fundamental convictions are:

  • Research and education must be free and provided with universal access. Accordingly we release our projects as Free Software that respects it's users freedom and community.
  • Public communications services shall not be subject to any control or monopoly of single suppliers. For this reason, we regard federated networking and communication as a basic requirement for us and our projects.
  • Publicly financed software which is developed for the public sector, shall be made publicly available as Free Software. We therefore support the Public Money, Public Code Campain of the Free Software Foundation Europe.