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  •     Patrick Michl
    Old wine in smart bottles

    Since almost 10 years the rate of data science publications has been growing enormously! For scientists and developers, it is therefore becoming more and more difficult to keep track of suitable current approaches. ... read more

  •     Patrick Michl
    How to tame the Plug Jumble

    Online analytical processing and predictive analytics in combination with machine learning provides a new challenge in data-warehousing: The response time for large transactions of data from different domains. ... read more

  •     Patrick Michl
    Three obstacles in data science and one vision

    For the current development- and exploration process in data science three obstacles in particular appear as outstanding hurdles, when it comes up to realize projects - and even more, when it comes up to venture collaborations. ... read more

  •     Patrick Michl
    Welcome at Frootlab

    We are a young developers team with strong expertise in data science and networking technologies. Our vision is a democratic and federated AI-Revolution, that does not lead to exclusion or incapacitation, but promotes public well-being, social justice and social cohesion. ... read more