Vivid Node

Smart Data Analysis Processor

Vivid Node v0.5.583


Vivid Node is a Python based machine learning and data analysis framework with rapid prototyping and cloud assisted building and deployment. Thereby individual code blocks are automatically retrieved from collaborative algorithm repositories, that provide the currently best fitting solutions for individual tasks.

Processing of data analysis flows using Vivid Node
Processing of data analysis flows using Vivid Node

The key goal of Vivid Node is to provide a long-term data analysis framework, which seemingly integrates into existing enterprise data environments and thereby supports collaborative data science. To achieve this goal Vivid Node orchestrates established frameworks like TensorFlow and dynamically extends their capabilities by community driven algorithms (e.g. for probabilistic graphical modeling, machine learning and structured data-analysis).

According to our convictions Vivid Node is free software and licensed under the terms and conditions of the GPL-3.0 . The source code is available on GitHub .


Installation using PIP

$ pip install vivid-node


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