Smart Analytics


The AI-Revolution provides new challenges for developers in the data analysis segment. This concerns enterprises, scientific workgroups and government agencies as well, as it becomes increasingly demanding to adapt new technologies into existing applications and therefore to stay competitive.

We are a young developers team with strong expertise in data science and networking technologies, which has been formed in mid 2018. Our mission is to step into this breach by providing a revolutionary collaborative AutoML framework, which allows smart applications, that keep themselves up-to-date and adept new technologies.

Therefore we identified the foremost challenges and started to develop a comprehensive solution, which on the basis of TensorFlow incorporates machine intelligence and collaborative data science into the whole software life cycle. The key components of the framework comprise a high performance database proxy, which supports a wide variety of different data sources, an auto-evaluating algorithm repository and an AutoML templating system, which uses the other components to abstract explicit algorithms to currently best fitting.

Our fundamental conviction is, that research and education should be provided with universal access. Accordingly we release all components of this framework as free and open-source software. Since the application in industrial environments, however, requires stable development and compliance with industrial standards, we release them as a single vendor, rather then community-driven.