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Automated collaborative data science

Vivid Code


Vivid Code is a pioneering software framework for next generation data analysis applications, that interconnects collaborative data science with automated machine learning.

Vivid Code facilitates collaborations by integrating machine intelligence
Vivid Code facilitates collaborations by integrating machine intelligence

The Vivid Code framework implements a new programming paradigm, that shapes it’s design: cloud-assisted meta programming. The rough idea behind this paradigm is to replace frequently used code elements by best practices, that are hosted within a federated cloud. Whereas the development and advance of these code elements is subject to collaborative achievements, their evaluation is automatically performed by using machine intelligence. This provides significant advantages, in particular for data science:

  • The dynamic replacement of code elements by currently best fitting algorithms automatically keeps data analysis applications state-of-the-art while reducing their TCO
  • The separation of program flow and algorithms allows them to be developed and maintained by different expert groups
  • The interconnection of smart algorithm repositories to information clusters allows data science collaborations at an entirely new level

How does it work?

At the beginning is Vivid Node, a data analysis framework, that orchestrates standard libraries like TensorFlow / Keras. On their top Vivid Node allows the definition of program flows, that use explicit or abstract algorithms. Before code interpretation and compilation, the abstract algorithms are substituted by currently best fitting algorithms, that are automatically obtained from algorithm repositories.

These repositories are implemented with Vivid Store, that automates the evaluation of algorithms as well as their deployment to Nodes. Thereby any Node can be connected to one or many Stores and the access to the Stores can be restricted to authorized Users / Nodes. On this basis Stores can be configured to exchange algorithms, either unidirectional or bidirectional, depending on the respective peering agreement between the collaboration partners.

A fundamental requirement for such an automated algorithm management is the usage of a unified data interface. For this reason Vivid Node and Vivid Store use a universal data mapper, given by Vivid DB. This allows collaboration partners to automatically share algorithms without the need to share data. Together these three components constitute Vivid Code.

According to our convictions Vivid Code is free software and licensed under the terms and conditions of the GPL-3.0 .


Vivid DB Figure

Vivid DB

Universal Data Mapper

Vivid Node Figure

Vivid Node

Smart Data Analysis Processor

Vivid Store Figure

Vivid Store

Smart Algorithm Repository

Vivid Root Figure

Vivid Root

Central Algorithm Taxonomy


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